New Year, New Website

St Paul Bellville OH Website.png

Welcome to our new clean, modern layout.

As you may have noticed, our website has experienced something of a makeover.

Following are the top 5 things that make this newest version of our website special:

1. An emphasis on news - If you're reading this entry right now, you're accessing our news section, where we'll be sharing the latest and greatest of all things St. Paul. Because sharing the latest news with our current membership (as well as prospective church members) is a priority, we have showcased the latest news entries on our welcome page. Below is a screen shot of what this looks like:

St Paul Latest News.png

2. A responsive design - What is a responsive design? It's a website design that adapts to the size of a given device. Whether the website displays on a cell phone, tablet, lap top, or desktop, it will be user-friendly in its view. Our former website design had this same feature, but this latest design plays even nicer with mobile. Go ahead... view this website on your smart phone... we dare you!

3. Custom-designed icons - Sometimes a simple visual helps people navigate information. Showcased on our homepage, six icons representing the most visited pages on our website help the website visitor find what he or she is looking for. The icons are minimalist in style; this simple, clean appearance is representative of recent trends in website design. Feel free to play with the icons below for yourself:


4. Email list sign-up - On our "Contact Us" page, current church members (as well as prospective members) can sign up to receive the St. Paul Epistle, as well other St. Paul news and correspondences, via email. If you are not on our list already, we encourage you to sign up here.

5. Social media integration - You may have noticed that our social media presence is linked to from the header of the website as seen in the screen shot below:

SPLC Header.png

You'll also see our social media icons represented in the footer of the website. We're placing an emphasis on social media engagement because it is yet another avenue for communication and outreach. You'll also see icons at the bottom of each news post (see below) that allow you to share the post by way of various social media outlets.

Make it a point to start following us on Facebook and YouTube today!

In the mean time, check back soon for more news on all things St. Paul Lutheran Church.